Weapons are pieces of equipment that fit in the weapon slot, often giving stat bonuses and/or penalties, and deciding most characteristics of melee attacks.

Weapon Type General Requirements Specialty
Axe Varied Varied; associates with any element at any level.
Bow Strength, Agility Long ranged.
Dagger Agility High critical hit damage. Low AP cost.
Hammer Strength, Intelligence Area of Effect damage.
Pickaxe Tool.
Scythe Tool.
Shovel Chance High Water damage.
Staff Intelligence Limited Area of Effect damage.
Sword Strength Massive damage.
Tool Various other tools.
Wand Intelligence, Agility Short ranged. Lacks melee range. Low AP cost.
Magic Weapon Special weapon that turns you into one of five Knight super-classes. Only attainable via special tokens or The Great Emporium in exchange for Ogrines.
  • Weapon skill boosts the power of all types of weapons.
  • Weapon attacks do not count as spells, so they bypass defensive spells like Spell Rebound or Backfire.
  • Weapon damage is applied only during melee attacks, but stat bonuses from weapons, like with all equipment, are always in effect.

See also: Equipment


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