Template loop detected: Template:Pet Madreggon is a pet/petsmount.


(if it is a normal pet)

Characteristic Food
+x Stat

(if it is a soul eater pet)

+x Stat is gained for every
Monster Number of kills
Monster xx

Favourite AreasEdit

Area Bonus

Improved AbilitiesEdit

Feed Madreggon a(n) *Pet Name* Improvement Potion to improve its maximum statistics to xx Stat. Madreggon is a petsmount.


Exchange with
Players must also have the Happy Camper Medal.


Used in the craft of


+1% Power is gained for every
Monster Number of kills
Muddy Juvenile Sauroshell 50
Moist Juvenile Sauroshell 50
Incandescent Juvenile Sauroshell 50
Insipid Juvenile Sauroshell 50
Dry Juvenile Sauroshell 50
Muddy Novice Sauroshell 35
Moist Novice Sauroshell 35
Incandescent Novice Sauroshell 35
Insipid Novice Sauroshell 35
Dry Novice Sauroshell 35
Muddy Mature Sauroshell 20
Moist Mature Sauroshell 20
Incandescent Mature Sauroshell 20
Insipid Mature Sauroshell 20
Dry Mature Sauroshell 20
Sleepwalking Grozilla 8
Sleepwalking Grasmera 8
Exhausted Grozilla 6
Exhausted Grasmera 6
Muddy Venerable Sauroshell 5
Moist Venerable Sauroshell 5
Incandescent Venerable Sauroshell 5
Insipid Venerable Sauroshell 5
Dry Venerable Sauroshell 5
Tired Grozilla 4
Tired Grasmera 4
Grozilla 2
Grasmera 2
Any Vulkanian Archmonster Sauroshell 1

Favourite AreasEdit

Area Bonus
Archipelago of Vulkania 200%

Improved AbilitiesEdit

Feed Madreggon a Madreggon Improvement Potion to improve its maximum statistics to 55% Power.

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