Kwismas Goblimp Sword is a sword.


Trade 50 Goblimp Jokes with Gutenblimp at (-31,-91)


As with any weapon, Kwismas Goblimp Swords are meant to be equipped. When equipped they transform the player into a Kwismas Goblimp.


  • You can't use a Mount when wearing a Kwismas Goblimp Sword.

Leveling UpEdit

  • A Kwismas Goblimp Sword gains XP each time you fight monsters with it equipped. It takes ALL of your XP, so you will not be able to gain any levels for your character while using it.
  • To show an XP bar, right click your compass, highlight Custom gauge, and select Incarnation XP. This works for all incarnations.
  • You can't upgrade your spells by your own, every spell will grow up 1 level for each 10 incarnation levels. Your spells will level at level 11, 21, 31, 41 and 50.
  • At the maximum level (Incarnation level: 50) all spells are level 6.
File:Bandit xp table.jpg

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