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Iops are go-getting warriors beyond reproach! One thing's for sure: Iops know how to use their weapons. They need to draw first blood at least once a day just to feel alive. Their impetuousness can make Iops the best of knights, but also the worst!

The Iop or Iop's Heart are excellent damage dealers.

They can get up close to a enemy quickly with Jump and deal massive damage at melee range with spells like Iop's Wrath and Concentration. Or they can keep a bit of distance between themselves and the enemy with Strengthstorm and Celestial Sword. They can even take MP with Cut.

They also posses a number of buffs.



Main Characteristics
  • Strength Strength: The only element for which Iops have relatively good soft caps for. Probably the most common build for Iops, it has the most offensive spells and includes AoE in the form of Sword of Iop, and raw damage with Iop's Wrath.
  • Intelligence Intelligence: The Intelligence Iop has poor soft caps but makes up for it with high base damage spells. The arsenal of strong spells is fullfilled at level 90 with Strengthstorm and Sword of Fate.
  • Agility Agility: Although Iops don't have many Air spells, Agility is still a popular build due to its mobility and that most of its spells have an AoE. Due to the low softcaps, it will need to be scrolled to be effective.
Other Characteristics
  • Chance Chance: With no water spells and poor soft caps, Chance Iops are an extremely ineffective build.
  • Vitality Vitality: Because Iops are mainly a melee class a high vitality is usefull for getting in close to the enemy and staying there. It also detirmines the amount of vitality given by the Vitality spell.
  • Wisdom Wisdom: As with the majority of classes, there is no real need to raise Wisdom besides gaining resistance against AP/MP theft.

Class spellsEdit

The class spells available to members of the Iop class are:

Icon Name Level Element Short description
40px Brokle Exchange for Doploons Iop special spell. Makes all spells do their maximum roll on a target.
40px Intimidation 1 Neutral
Intimidation inflicts neutral damage and repels the enemy.
40px Pressure 1 Earth
Pressure inflicts Earth-type damage within a range of 3 squares.
40px Jump 1 Jump allows the user to teleport. It also lowers the resistances of enemies next to where they land.
40px Vitality 3 Vitality increases the vitality of the caster by a percentage for 4 turns.
40px Divine Sword 6 Air
Divine Sword inflicts Air-type damage while adding to the damage inflicted by the caster.
40px Destructive Sword 9 Fire
Destructive sword inflicts Fire-type damage that extends one square on each side of the target.
40px Poutch 13 When the target receives spell damage, it suffers an extra 20% of the damage received and inflicts it in an area of effect.
40px Blow 17 Blow repels allies and enemies from the targeted square.
40px Concentration 21 Earth
Concentration causes close range Earth-type damage. Summons take increased damage.
40px Cut 26 Fire
Cut inflicts Fire-type damage in a linear path and can also remove MP.
40px Friction 31 The target gets closer to its attacker if it receives spell damage. The caster must be in line with the target.
40px Duel 36 Removes target's and caster's MP and applies the Gravity state. Inflicts Air-type damage based on the target's eroded HP.
40px Sword of Judgment 42 AirFire
Sword of Judgement inflicts Air-type damage, with slight Fire-type life steal.
40px Power 48 Power adds a percentage increase to the damages inflicted by the caster or an ally.
40px Precipitation 54 Increases the target's AP for the current turn but reduces AP the following turn. Cannot be used with weapons or the spell Iop's Wrath.
40px Strengthstorm 60 Fire
Strengthstorm inflicts heavy Fire-type damage.
40px Celestial Sword 70 Air
Celestial Sword inflicts heavy Air-type damage by throwing flashes of lightning at any player within its area.
40px Sword of Iop 80 Earth
Sword of Iop inflicts Earth-type damage to several enemies.
40px Sword of Fate 90 Fire
Sword of Fate inflicts Fire-type damage and also extra Fire-type damage based on the eroded HP of the target. Damage is also increased on the second turn used.
40px Iop's Wrath 100 Earth
Iop's Wrath inflicts heavy Earth-type damage and increases its base damage for 4 turns. When used while the base damage is increased, it inflicts colossal damage.
40px Summoning of Iop Dopple 200 Summons an Iop Dopple

Class SetEdit

The Iop Class Set is the Reckless Set.


°=Not recommended, +=Longshot build (require high investment), ++=Fun but challenging build, +++=Proven, solid build

Pure elemental builds
Strength-based +++ Crusher build. Easiest to develop and is the most popular approach. Inflicts tremendous melee damage.
Intelligence-based +++ Firestorm build. Deals consistent damage at moderate range.Strengthstorm inflicts heavy Fire-type damage.
Agility-based ++ Celestial build. Has powerful short range Area of Effect attacks. Can also rely on Moon Hammer.
Hybrid elemental builds
Agility + Intelligence + Combines Intelligence-based and Agility-based builds for both good range and Area of Effect damage. Sword of Judgement benefits from both elements. Difficult; not recommended as a first character.
Other builds


See the general Leveling guide or the specific build pages.


The Temple of Iop is at (1,3), where you can get information about Iops and fight the Iop Dopple.


The Iop class is a reference to Yop, a brand of yogurt drink. The name is an inside joke with the developers, along with the Feca and Sram classes--all three are named after food items.

Iops are often referred as idiots, dumb or even brainless in some item descriptions of Dofus (Kriptonite, Evil Dandelion Flower, Kluh's Boots and Dark Treechnid Root Wand as some examples). This is related with its class characteristics and skills, which can be related to the stereotypical strong, but dumb warrior of many games, TV shows and RPGs in general.

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