See also: Characteristic, Critical Hit equipment.

All weapons and most spells have a chance of getting a Critical Hit. For weapons and many spells, this means doing higher damage. However, a wide variety of critical hit effects exist, so check the spell to be sure what it does.

Base CHEdit

The base critical hit (CH) is displayed on the spell or weapon description window under Critical Hit:

Weapon Spell
Weapon ch Spell ch


The effect of a critical hit generally implies increased damage for a weapon or improved efficiency for a spell.

  • For a weapon : Effect is described under Critical hit bonus.
  • For a spell: Effect is described under Critical Damage.

Actual CHEdit

The actual CH is based on the base CH as modified by the Critical Hit equipment. For spells, the current Critical Hit is shown, for weapons, the current Critical Hit is shown near the Current CH line. (see figures above). It can also be displayed during a fight by hovering your mouse over the close combat or spell icon.


Actual CH is or can be affected by:

Equipment and spell bonuses are added to the base Critical Hit rate, thus a 50% becomes a 60% with a +10 Critical Hit bonus.


Before version 2.29, Critical Hits were shown like 1/50, 1/10, etc. with the max being 1/2 (50 %), they were also impacted by Agility.

There is a fairly simple method to calculate the final chances of a CH, based on this Agi reference table:

  • 1/3 -> 1/2 = 8 agility
  • 1/4 -> 1/2 = 42 agility
  • 1/5 -> 1/2 = 134 agility
  • 1/6 -> 1/2 = 384 agility
  • 1/7 -> 1/2 = 1060 agility
  • 1/8 -> 1/2 = 2892 agility

You need to combine the information from this table with your current CH rate. An example is given below:

  • With a 1/45 weapon and 150 Agi, we know that the Agi would get 1/5 to 1/2 so we need to bring the 'current CH' from 1/45 to 1/5; so the CH bonus from equipment needs to be 40.
  • With a 1/50 spell and 750 agi, we know that the Agi gives get 1/6 to 1/2, so we need to bring the 'current CH' from 1/50 to 1/6; so the CH bonus from equipment needs to be 44.

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