The table below consists of 25 Main Areas. Some of these Main Areas have Sub Areas. Some of the sub pages are incomplete, you can help by adding useful information to these pages. Also if you find incorrect information please correct it.

Main Areas Locations
Air Pandala Aerdala Village

| Pandikaze Dungeon

Kwismas Island
Amakna Amakna Garrison

| Asse Coast | Bandit Territory | Bwork Dungeon | Bwork Village | Edge of the Evil Forest | The Goblin Camp | The Ingalsses' Fields | Porco Territory | Madrestam Harbour | Library Basement | Scaraleaf Plain | Mushd Corner | The Bwork Camp | Amakna Castle | The Cemetery | The Crypts | The Dreggon Peninsula | The Evil Forest | The Amakna Forest | Gobball Corner | The Jelly Peninsula | The Jellith Dimension | Crackler Mountain | The Swamp | The Village | Scaraleaf Dungeon | Skeleton Dungeon | Tofu House

Astrub Amakna Castle Gobball Breeding Station

| Astrub City | Astrub Fields | Astrub Forest | Astrub Mines | Astrub Rocky Inlet | Astrub Meadow | Astrub Tunnel | Field Dungeon | Astrub Deep Tunnel | Tofu Corner

Bonta Bonta Pasture

| Bonta Sewers

Brakmar Edge of Brakmar

| Brakmar Sewers

Cania Plains Bonta Cemetery

| The Cania Fields | Cania Forest | Cania Massif | Eltneg Wood | Road to Bonta | Lousy Pig Plain | Rocky Plains | The Crow's Domain | Cania Bay

Cemetery of Heroes No Current Sub-Categories
Dopple Territory No Current Sub-Categories
Earth Pandala Terrdala Village

| Kitsoune Dungeon

Fire Pandala Feudala Village

| Firefoux Dungeon

Imp Village No Current Sub-Categories
Incarnam No Current Sub-Categories
Jail No Current Sub-Categories
Koalak Mountain Agony V'Helley

| Breeder Village | Enchanted Lakes | Kaliptus Forest | Koolich Cavern | Nauseating Swamps | Bottomless Swamps | Pet Sanctuary | Primitive Cemetery | Wild Canyon | Wild Dragoturkey Territory

Minotoror Island The Labyrinth of the Minotoror
Moon Island Moon Beach

| The Road to Moon | The Deep Moon Jungle

Otomai Island Bherb's Gully

| Bottomless Peat Bog | Coral Beach | Dark Jungle| Floramor's Clearing | Grass Plains | Grotto Hesque | Hidden Lab | Kimbo's Canopy | Labs | Observatory | Otomai's Ark | Otomai's Ark | Otomai Island Cemetery | Putrid Peat Bog | Sea | The Breeder Village | Canopy Village | Castaway Island | The Coastal Village | Tree Keeholo Foliage | Tree Keeholo Trunk | The Tynrils' Laboratory

Pandala Bulb Cavern

| Nolifis Island | Pandala Bridge | Pandala Forest | Pandala Village

Sidimote Moor Brakmar City Walls

| Bworker Dungeon |Cemetery of the Tortured | Gisgoul, the Devastated Village | Path to Brakmar

Sufokia No Current Sub-Categories
Tainela Gobball Dungeon

| The Cradle

Treechnid Forest Dark Treechnid Forest

| Edge of the Treechnid Forest

Trool Fair No Current Sub-Categories
Wabbit Island Central Wabbit Island

| Skeleton Wabbit Island | Right Wabbit Island | Wabbit Castle | Wabbit Castle Island | Cawwot Dungeon

Water Pandala Akwadala Village

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